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March 12, 2008



Why you think that bringing this up again would not be hurtful to this family is beyond me. There could not be a nicer guy in this World than Jack Koslow and you should leave this bad chapter alone. I suggest that you do something in your own life worth writing about and stop writing about people's troubles- especially when they had nothing to do with causing them.


Hey RDD.....It's just a local true crime article. Here's a clue for you: You don't have to click on the link or read the article if you don't want to. Some people find these stories and the investigations interesting. Maybe people will even learn from it and not commit the same or similar crimes. There's an entire channel on television devoted to this type of stuff. It's called TRU TV. Maybe you should go to their website and gripe about every show they have. lol.


Just watched her story on tv. Very very sad.

terry walsh

Hya, i just happened on this page and read your article.i am in england but i am doing some writing on crime and punishment and this is a singular kind of case with the fact of getting two other people to do the murder, and such a young age 17..i was also interested in the choice dillingham made, was it guilt? please mr jack douglas jr do you have any more information on this case you would be willing to let me use for my work? thanks.terry

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