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March 18, 2008


joe franciscus

Mr. Townsend, please turn yourself in.

I thank the author for the warning of actual dogs fighting. I ask what is the point of showing a dog fight? everyone knows it is wrong and a horrible thing, I think you are trying to create hysteria, only those with some interest would watch such a thing. Do you send the police contact information as to who clicks on a dog fight video? I think you should.

Mr. Townsend, you have been involved with some very bad activity and you must pay the piper, turn yourself in.

They got you on the weigner murder, your mother thinks someone will want to end your life, bring peace to yoyr mom and turn yourself in.

Call the texas rangers, they will ensure your safety, you will be safer with them than the hoodlems you are hanging with who just might want to hang you to shut you up.

your daughter will be proud of you some day if you become a stand up guy and turn yourself in.

If you are afraid of the police, then contact the bail bondsman who helped you and turn yourself in to him or one of his investigators.

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