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March 04, 2008



They chased the guy down and "may have hit him". SO he shot at them. I would too. These idiots are lucky they weren't killed.

Shannon (N5KOU) McGauley

I hope they wrote down a tag number. I've been on the phone with those dispatchers in the HEB area, they always tell you to stop. In this case it was probably best because you don't need a rolling gun fight in the city. I was on the phone with them last year following a DWI suspect that hit the center wall, stopped and then took off again. I told the dispatcher that I might have to remove him from the truck if he tried to leave again. The dispatcher said no don't do that and I said look, it's like the sun rising if he tries to leave again it will happen. I was able to get the keys from the truck and no force was used.


People are such idiots. Take a chill pill, people. Road rage WILL get you (or passengers) killed, or at a minimum, get your vehicle shot up. Not a good thing. Just take down the license plate, call 911 and let LEO take care of it. Hurst and NRH have 2 of the finest PDs in North Texas.

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