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April 11, 2008



I feel that the young lady should not have gotten anytime.The reason I say this is because her father the man that was suppose to protect her from danger was causing her harm.If you cannot trust your parents who can you trust? By giving this young lady probation you are telling her that it was okay that her father was abusing her.I feel he got what he deserved.

Steve Hutchings / Ft. Worth

I believe this is a fabricated story by special interest groups like NOW to brainwash society's view of men and get more bias policy in favor of women, but IF the story is legit, it just proves how backwards america is by not holding women and 14 year old girls accountable for their actions to the same degree, like this pathetic country does men and 6 year old boys.

I will be surprised if this comment makes the post. Moderator is another word for censorship.


Good grief!!! Steve - did you read what you typed before you submitted it?? The good for nothing father was forcing sex on his DAUGHTER... he should have been shot. You obviously have never had anything like that happen to you or you would feel the same way. These days the men that do this to their own children don't get punished as they should and the children suffer. This young girl will NEVER be normal, she will (I hope) learn to cope but her father ruined her life.

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