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April 30, 2008



OMG...This Fritzl is sub-human. I can't even call Fritzl a him or a person or man or any word that describes a human. It's hard enough to use the word Father when talking about...Fritzl. I am absolutely astonished by this story. I cannot believe anyone(human) could do something like that to their own child or hell to any other human being for that matter! Keep them imprisoned as a sex slave for 24 years in a windowless basement. OMG! How can someone do something like this??? What is to become of the offspring of this (so called) man and his daughter? If they are inbread from a Father and a Daughter wouldn't they have wierd medical things wrong with them? I've always heard that inbread people especially that close in relation would be born with wierd defects. This is such a tragedy for the daughter and the children that had to endure the tortures of that.....Fritzl..thing or whatever he's called. I'm just sick over this.

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