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April 29, 2008



Why on earth do they keep giving her bail? She should be glad that the child was not mine - I don't think I could control my anger.....


She is a serial rapist and should be locked away for good, boys just think they are a man to get a women to have sex with them but she should know better, I think anyone who can justify having sex with a child needs help but can not be trusted around children EVER!She will keep doing it until someone stops her permently then they will proberly get punished more serverly then she has been.


BAP I agree with you. She can not be trusted around children EVER! I saw the pictures of her in the orange jump suit and she was smiling and smug. As a mom I know I would not have been able to control myself, I know I would have knocked that smirk off of her face.


I'll agree this woman is wrong wrong wrong and needs serious help. If she does prison time, fine, but get her some mental help while she's in there too.

BUT-- come on folks, these boys are not totally innocent either. They know what they're doing is wrong, too. But we tend to just let them off with the old "boys will be boys" double standard crud. The parents of these boys should be thinking about why they didn't teach these kids better. And the boys need a little smack up beside the head too.


I agree with you Lizzy! I remember how I thought when I was 16 and even though that I knew I was wrong, I was never in danger of being in any type of trouble. The aduls should be punished...severely, but the children are NOT innocent victims when it happens like this.


I in no way think with the attitude "boys will be boys". My issue is where it should be - the stupid broad is a TEACHER, she should be held to a HIGHER STANDARD. There are only 2 boys that have come forward so how many are really out there?

Parents need to be able to trust a teacher to do the right thing. I have worked in a 5A high school for 8 years(over 2,800 students a year)many students have passed through my door. I have been asked out by students, their fathers and former students a few years after graduation. Not once did I not know there is a line that should not be crossed. I let them know that I was flattered but "No Thank You". These words have always been in my vocabulary and should be in any Teacher, Police Officer, Clergy Person or Adult's vocabulary as well, instead of just knowing them they should know when to use them.

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