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April 01, 2008



People who don't work in a public school think that life is a picnic for the teachers and school employees. Maybe a few more stories like this one will show everyone what we often have to deal with while trying to educate your little darlings. I do wonder if the childrens' parents were claiming "not my child!"


11 of 12 students? Guess we know who is the teacher's pet.

Mother in Texas

If 11 out of the twelve students in this class wanted to kill their teacher doesnt that raise some questions about the teacher??

I have to tell you - most special needs students are pretty calm and passive - this teacher is probably doing something to hurt those kids or they wouldnt ALL be wanting to kill her - oh except for the teachers pet - of course!!


I have worked with special needs children an am shocked at this, an I fully agree that there is something up with the teacher,an 11 kids out of 12.
I don't disagree that what the kids did was wrong, Instead of just punishment for the kids, there should be an investigation on the Teacher as well,Because some of those kids may not be able to speak up for themselves

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