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May 29, 2008



Are Fort Worth Police allowed beards? I work in the medical profession and have worn a beard or goatee since high school. I do not feel that my choice in facial hair affects my job performance. It should also be mentioned that I never allow my appearance to be anything other than neat and well trimmed. I feel as long as standereds are maintained with-in limits, facial hair is nothing more than a reflection of personal taste.


You know, I started paying considerable attention to police matters when Houston Officer Rodney Johnson got shot 4x in the back of his head by a HANDCUFFED illegal alien about two years ago in Houston.

Since that time, I've watched Houston and read a lot of blogs from residents there within Houston proper.

What police are going to have to do is quit, relocate, shift locations when police ADM. is stupid.

Houston (P.D.), you are as bad off as Dallas and you better think about unnecessary drama and how hard it's going to be to try and replace your police officers.

If you can't let them grown men decide for themselves what to do with their faces, you don't deserve to keep em' them really. It is bizarre to me that you trust them with a gun and badge but you don't trust them to make their own PRIVATE decisions.

This is stupid and you Houston P.D. "leaders" i.e. bosses, need to check yourselves before your men and women are handing in notices.


If the facial hair does not interfere with something like the wearing of a resperator mask in incidents like hazardous gases where police may be need to assist hazmat or fire departments then the should OK.


I guess that facial hair could interfere with the proper fitting of masks, such as oxygen masks. Plus, beligerent perps could get a good handful of an officer's beard, and the officer would be in trouble then.

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