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May 26, 2008


Tracy Ashton

I have meet Courtney in Prison. She isn't a cold blooded killer like people and the news paper portray her. She has a kind heart and helped me get though the most difficult times of my life. I keep in touch with her and she always gives me advice on my troubled teen. I have thought twice about the medicines that my bipolar son has been put on due the side effects. I feel that the drugs played a hugh role in the actions.

Laura Tucker

I write to Courtney often and we have become very close. She is not a cold blooded killer. She was a young, crazy, hormonal little girl. We have all been there. There were times in my life that I threatened to kill my Mom due to horrible verbal and physical abuse. I do not think she should be in prison for the rest of her life. She is an artist, very concerned for my children and very caring. She is so sorry for what happened and has never tryed to say that it was not her fault. I feel like she is one of my kids and I would help her if she ever gets out. I do not have the money to help with her defense and nobody in her family even trys. I feel that she would help at risk teens more on the outside if she had the chance. God forgives people and I know Betty has forgiven her. She just can not forgive herself. She is a poet and stays out of trouble and drama in prison. I hope one day she will be able to be on the outside, experiencing what Betty would have wanted her to experience. This sentence was way to harsh. Your are a different person at 14 than you are at 30. She just needs a chance. I love you Courtney!

Willie Trevino

My name is Willie Trevino and I've known Courtney for about a year now. I saw her ad on the internet and responded and we've been writing ever since. As a matter of fact, I've been visiting her for perhaps 10 months now at the Hobby Unit in Marlin, TX and she's so precious. We've shared much about our lives and I care a lot for this woman. Yes, she is very sorry for the events that occurred in her youth and I too believe the sentence was way too harsh. As a matter of fact, I'm trying to help her in her case so that she can get her transcripts. I'm hoping everyone who said they'd pitch in will follow through with their commitment. I want so much to see her outside of those prison walls and I love you Courtney. Miss you much.

Paul Stowe

I can say this, Courtney Dunkin was a screwed up kid. Yes, she did a horrible and unthinkable crime back in the early 90's. A kid.....Just a kid never the less that was probably going through alot more than you'll ever read about because lets face it. Newspapers have stories to sell and the truth isn't always what people wanna hear. I feel also that this girl is regretful for what she did. I will say this also, I live down the street from a man that recently was released from prison. This man shot a man, women, and even a two year old boy named Jamie in a drive by ten years ago. He is free today. My question is why can he do all this and get ten years and Courtney with all the thingd involved got a life sentence. Does this make any sense to anyone.

Valerie Marie Gonzales

My name is Valerie, I'm also known as "Taz" by some of my very close friends; one of those friends being Courtney Dunkin. I was released on Jan 14, 2009 from the Hobby Unit after having served a 10 year sentence, and I was blessed with the privilege of knowing Courtney very well. Courtney is not the "cold-blooded killer" that she was portrayed to be by the media and such. True enough she made a mistake. A mistake that not only cost the life of her grandmother, but it also cost Courtney her own life, and she is not only aware of that fact, she has come to terms with it. She is remorseful every second of her life. I have seen her struggle to make amends in any ways possible to her family and to herself. Courtney is a very wonderful, caring, and encouraging young lady who will sit behind bars for a crime she committed without a shot at redemption. My hearts desire is for her to one day have the chance I'm now getting: freedom. My thoughts and prayers are with you "Tink", love you, miss you much and please keep your head up. Hope to someday hear that you're finally on the outside.


I have known Courtney for over a decade now. She has been one of my best friends while I was incarcerated. I know her inside out. There are many nights that we stayed up talking, in detail about our lives as a child, and about our crimes. I know what Courtney did was wrong, but a life sentence at such a young age is very harsh. She never tries to deny the fact of what took place, nor does she try to blame others for t. There is a lot of other things that went on that she chose not to discuss, but I know the press would not give a care about that. Yes, Courtney is a very bright, intelligent, remorseful, compassionate young woman with a lot of determination. She gives a lot of herself to those who need it. She is extremely helpful and has the experience to help those kids that are lost within just as we were lost as children. People look from the outside towards the outside, but no one knows her like we, her friends do. Not even her own family takes the time of day to get into her. She deserves a second chance and sitting there in a prison cell, with all those humiliating, torturuous co's who are over controlling is not where she should be for the next 35 years. She should be out here teaching these kids how to express themselves, how to communicate, guiding them and being the great listener that she is because she knows what it feels like to hold stuff in. Her backpack got too full just as mine did. I want her out here with me so I can help her and we can make this place a little better, if not a lot. The advantage we have is that we have a lot more wisdom and experience. This is coming from a lost child just like Courtney was. Butr we are women now and we want a change as we ourselves have changed for the best. I love you TINKERBELL. let her free.

Michelle Munoz

I too have had the privilege of knowing Courtney, and agree that the extent of her crime was gruesome, but she was a child and naturally too young to be given the sentence she has received. Is 40 years in prison just for a life? No, but she was a mere child, and I truly believe she was not fully aware of the repercussions of her crime, or even understood who the intended person was. Paxil is not prescribed to kids anymore, due to effects so why wasn't any of that introduced in court? Courtney was the first person to talk to me in Hilltop. She was distinctly different than the others, and I think it was because she knew that was her home. She had to deal with it and quickly. I met her when she was 18, and I was 21. How sad. Aviana I hope you are doing great!chicamex0225@YAHOO.COM

olivia  ramirez

my name is olivia ramirez i was incarcerated for 15years and 10 months.i became friends with courtney and i must say that shes not a monster or coldblooded killer the media puts her out to be.she was 15 years old and just a child and troubled deeply. what she did was wrong but she didnt and dont deserve a life sentence. i was released from the hobby unit november 6th of 09 and i still keep intouch with her shes a good friend with a good heart and deeply regrets her wrong doing. courtney i love you and ill always be your friend. love oly1


Fifteen is not that young. You are aware of what you're doing and what's right and wrong, but she chose to do it. She might have changed as a person, but I don't think saying that she was too young to know better would excuse what she had done. Someone also said that it's just a youth thing and young people think of killing their parents when they're upset and I definitely do not agree. Even thinking of doing so is messed up. I was a kid once, and I've never thought of doing such things! Kids do argue with their parents.. sometimes parents can be wrong/cruel, but to think of actually killing your own parents? It makes me feel like that person is just heartless inside. However I am glad that she is trying to make amends and helping young people not go down the wrong path.

It's just that I tend to see a lot of teenagers having that mentality that it is alright to do many wrong things because they're "young" even if they are well aware that it's not the right thing and it is hurting the people around them. I feel like that kind of outlook needs to be changed. Whether you are 13 or 30, when you do something to hurt someone else, the result to the victim is just the same.


Aloha "Tink"(Courtney) !
I just now found out about why Courtney ended up in Prison. I have received a letter from Tink and just reading it has touched my heart and I felt whatever she did to place herself in the place she is at that she has paid her dues. When medications and street drugs mix people become and do things out of the rage which they held inside. I don't really know but sometimes Prison can only make the person worst rather than better. Please hang in there Tink! (Courtney) Aloha Nui Loa my friend!

Janella Rodriguez

Are you people crazy? Must be. 5 year old children are learning right from wrong, 15 year old YOUNG ADULTS know it already. Stop saying she was a child, it's a horrible excuse to MURDER an elderly woman; especially one who raised you and loved you TO DEATH, as it turned out. As I see it, you murder someone, you get one of 2 options...she is lucky enough that she only had one. She doesn't deserve to be out in society after taking a life so callously; God knows what she would do to someone who turned on her. Figures all the people her who are defending her are felons themselves. And I'm sure all you former criminals are now God-fearing women who left their life of crime and drug abuse at the prison gates? Sure.


Murder is murder. You kill the only woman who cares for you and that feeds you clothes you and takes you when no one wants you? Shameful. Just cause she was a kid is no excuse. Let her rot.

evil courtney

She is and always will be a horrible person. I understand kids makes mistakes but only murderers kill. You take a life and you should lose yours as well. Sad story for someone to have someone who loved them and that person kills them because they need something? This evil person should never be released from jail and should be thankful she didn't get the death penalty because she should have!


It's really rather irrelevant if she is now a "nice" girl or not...think of the steps she had to take and go back to when you were 15, she actively chose to drug her own grandmother in order to engage in vehicular theft. She actively, consciously chose to go into a drawer or cupboard and take out a .38 caliber pistol, she then walked into her grandmothers bedroom and talked to her for a little while, consciously decided to raise the gun, point it directly at her own grandmothers head, say "goodnight grandma" (that isn't mentioned here but all the other sources I've seen on the crime mention this) and then consciously decided to pull the trigger and blast her own grandmother's brains all over the bed.

Whatever age she was, so long as she was older than perhaps 5 or 6, she consciously decided to point a loaded firearm at her own grandmother head and blow it all over the bed. Then she went to her friends house and had a slumber party without mentioning to any adults what she had done. The made a conscious decision to murder the woman who had given her parent life and then was kind enough to open her home to her as a place to live when she had no where else to go, and this was how she thanked her.

This isn't the act of a "confused kid" or someone "off their head" on anti-depressant also isn't necessarily the act of an insane monster. It's the act of an antisocial personality, a sociopath...I've got no doubt she's a very endearing, lovable, seemingly caring human being when interacting with people from behind bars. Most sociopaths are extremely likeable, seemingly trustworthy people. It's only when they perform acts as utterly reprehensible and contemptible as this that the mask comes down for a moment.

Frankly, she got off light with 40 years, I don't agree with the death penalty, but she deserves to be placed into jail and never allowed to walk outside of it's walls again until she grows old and dies. Anyone who is capable of cold-bloodily murdering her own grandmother because the sleeping pills she'd attempted to use to drug her to steal her car weren't knocking her unconscious fast enough has forfeited the right to ever set foot outside of a prison again for the rest of their lives. If they can kill their own flesh and blood because they're impatient and then go to a slumber party, they simply can never, ever be trusted by society again.


I am surprised that people are making excuses for the cold blooded murder which was in no way justified. A thought should be given to the victim who did not deserve to be murdered by the person she loved.

Dr. Jay

I agree with Andrew & Ally. The excuses people are making for her are appalling. While she MAY have grown in prison; people do not just "change". The fact that Laura would knowingly let her live in her house around her children is also disturbing.

Sociopaths are not cold-hearted on the outside; they just have no true empathy on the inside. They play the game of feigning true emotion (think Dexter) & learn to behave the way others want the m to behave in order to get what they want. In this case, Courtenay wants parole & desperately wants out, so she will feign whatever behaviour necessary to convince people to set her free. DON'T FALL FOR THE ACT !

MANY other children are on these meds & do NOT commit murder. Many teenagers are "hormonal" & do NOT commit murder. Many human beings, myself included, have experienced much worse in life & yet do NOT murder. The only legitimate excuse for murder is self-defence & this is NOT the case.


The Manson murderers are claiming the exact same things as Courtenay, that they've deeply changed & are sorry, etc. That's all well & good but you should only get ONE chance not to murder. That's it. It's THE most fundamental rule since the beginning of society.

Cold-blooded murderer or not, she planned, committed, executed & covered up the act. That was her one chance and she blew it, so she should now spend the rest of her life paying for it, for her and all of our sakes!

never forgot you

I have to say I am surprised to read all the support for courtney I grew up with her in grapevine had her in my parents home and they saw her for who she was! I randomly looked her up today and see the support and only wanted to comment to let you'll know that the courts had it right this woman is a sociopath and I can only pray that she never makes it back to the area I call home she is one scary messed up individual and all should beware!! I thank god everyday that my parents saw through her and forbade me to be around her just months before the cold hearted and brutal murder of the woman she called mom. Notice all the people who support her are ex cons..... Hmmm


I must say that I have known Courtney since we were teenagers.She is not cold blooded and my heart goes out to her!Tink I love you!


I am not an ex con but I don't have any anger or fear towards Courtney. She is NOT a sociopath or a bad person. Also, she is not serving life in prison! She's serving 40 years and I believe she deserves to be let out. She doesn't deserve prison she needs help. She loved her mother! She is not cold or evil nor did he "just change". She is not a bad person. She was a naive, depressed, teenager. I cried hearing her story. I love you Courtney and hope you know I pray and care for you!!


To Rose who says this young woman is not a bad person & was just a naive , depressed teenager , what planet are you on ? If shooting your grandmother at point blank range & blowing her brains out isn't the action of a " bad " person then I dread to think what is . Would you still think the same if it had been your mother , sister or grandmother who had been killed in such a barbaric , cold blooded way ? No , of course you wouldn't . And at the age of 15 , did you know it was wrong to kill ? Yes , of course you did . You're the one who is naive , not this evil murderer .

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