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June 30, 2008



Good for Joe Horn......I think you should be able to defend your property and the neighbors next door to you.If you get caught robbing a house and someone points a shotgun at you and tells you dont move, you might want to listen.

I'm not as smart as Texans

I wish I could kill people who run away from me when I'm holding a gun and claim self-defense.


Being a 5th-generation native-son of Texas, I have to applaud the way this has concluded. One of the messages that should have been clearly sent is not that of a "racially-motivated" act, but the fact that we as citizens are sick and tired of having the rights of criminals put before those of our own.

Both of these miscreants are not first-time offenders. In fact, they are on our soil illegaly, and as such should have no rights. I'm sure this will touch off a firestorm of indignation, but facts are facts.

We ALL have worked long and hard to amass what wealth we can achieve. You want to tell me what so-called "right" gives these two the permission to take away something that was not theirs to begin with?

They were both stupid to threaten anyone with a shotgun, even as Mr. Horn was attempting to "hold" them until police arrived.

Kudos Mr. Horn. Know that I and several others would be willing to stand beside you and tell the law-enforcement officials to strain the remains for fingerprints by the time we were through with them...


According to statute, in Texas, at night , you can use deadly force, to defend life, or property.
I personally would have armed myself and waited in the safety of my home for the police, unless my neighbors life was in imediate peril.
By the letter of the law however, he was within his rights.
You break into houses for a liveing, death by the victom, is a job hazard.
God Bless Texas!

Gary Miller

Being a thief could be hazardous to your health! NOW


If this would have been a minority that would have shot a kill two people he would have already been in jail. Since it was a caucasian person doing the shooting there was no problem. And whats even worse a detective just stood there watching the whole thing.

Bigger in Texas

I'm glad Joe actively defended his neighborhood, but there must have been a better way to do it. I'm not sure what I think about this ruling.

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