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June 27, 2008



There is and always will be a "BLack Market" for guns. The only reason some guns are more expensive today is because of their ban. There are too many guns already in the country so no one would need to import any more for quite a while. I may be wrong but I think the murder rate is down because of concealed carry laws in those states that have it. I am an Honest hard working citizen and when they ban guns they will instantly make me a criminal. I am NOT giving up my gun. TEX

Joe Ramos

It's amazing how the states with the strongest anti-gun laws have the highest crime rates. Illegal wepons will surface as long as there is a market for them just like all other illegal drugs and controlled substances how do they always appear on the street with such strict laws????Simple. Some people do not care about your well being as long as they make a profit. All of the criminals that commit crimes with guns should be punished ten times harder than if they did not use one make a ultimate deterent one strike and your done for good!!


Yes it's an old adage "If guns are criminalized, only criminals will have guns."
Actually I always heard it as "if guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns,". Let me put it another way. Drugs are outlawed, outlaws get drugs.
If the DEA can keep all the illegal drugs out of the country for one year..........they can have my guns!
I feel pretty safe on that bet.


Colt: hooray, and I'll second that. This won't make it to print, but you know we won't be giving up our guns (to the DEA) as cartels/illegal aliens don't get 1,500 pounds through much less last weeks fifteen THOUSAND pounds without SOMEBODY on "our side" assisting!

D Sheets

This says it all. I don't personally own a weapon and I really can't stand guns, however, it has been proven in study after study that when you disarm a population the crime rate rises. Studies have also been conducted on areas that previously banned weapons but eventually dropped the ban and crime rates plummeted.

Criminals are inherently cowards, they don't want to victimize an armed population, it shortens their life spans.

Some people forget that there are people in the US who do NOT have the right to carry weapons. Anyone with a felony on their record is not allowed to have a weapon, this doesn't prevent them from some how getting a weapon. There are also weapons that are banned from ANY but military or law enforcement use...once again somehow they still get on the street. Gun bans will NOT prevent criminals from getting weapons...criminals do NOT get their weapons through legal channels.

But no matter where you live you're always going to have the high and mighties thinking THEIR opinions are the ones that count...not the actual facts.


Most are focusing on the personal defense aspect of gun-ownership, as we should, but we should never forget that the primary reason the Founding Fathers added the Second Amendment to the Constitution was a means to protect the citizen FROM the government if it turns dictatorial...


I am currently in Vietnam, where there are very strict Gun-Control laws...I walk the streets of the city at midnight, and feel totally safe...and I am; can't say that about Dallas/Fort Worth


How the law abiding citizens of D.C. stood by for 32 years as sitting ducks to criminals amazes me...There should have been public outcry from day one.


It's unbelievable that this is even a topic for debate.

The first amendment says that "Congress shall make no law...". The second amendment states clearly that "the right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed (violated)".

So the first amendment just limits the Congress while the second amendment says NO ONE can violate the right of the people to have and carry arms.

Yet, some people seem to think the first amendment is absolute and the second is an anomaly.

In light of all the evidence that clearly shows an unarmed population is usually a vulnerable and crime ridden population, we really need to be questioning the motives of those who want to take our second amendment rights away.


The comments by Houston about Vietnam are especially troubling. Vietnam is a communist country where dissent and lawbreaking are met with prison or death.

A country where the people have zero rights and their very existence is only to support the government.

So, I'm sure they have very strict gun laws but to make an argument that Vietnam is a some type of Shangri La is absolutely ridiculous.

Since Houston is in the country, I dare him to visit the local market and start yelling that the leaders are corrupt and the government should be changed and see what happens. He might also start handing out leaflets that talk about the failures of communism and the freedom of West and wait for the reaction.

Let us know what happens when you do that Houston.


Actually, it's sort of like the politics paradox: you'd rather not put in power anybody who would actively seek power. By the same logic, I find myself not half so much nervous about armed criminals as I am of the pro-gun crazies who post on these sorts of blogs. And never forget: if crime were outlawed, only outlaws would commit crime!

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