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July 15, 2008



This article is totally and completely tasteless. Imagine the family's feelings upon seeing this article in the paper or on your website. This was a complete tragedy for this family. There is no telling what went through this man's mind when he did this, feeling so low and despondant that he felt he had to take his own life. It's always been a running joke to make fun of Startelgram articles, but this takes the cake. Effective tomorrow, I'm cancelling my subscription and never visiting your website again. It makes me embarrassed to even be a resident of Fort Worth with your paper as its voice.


Why are you sensationalizing this poor man's death? Do you not see how utterly tacky the title of your article alone is? A man DIED. Yet the Star Telegram feels compelled to compare this real life tragedy to a TV show, to drop hints about the plot and tempt us with the performance of "the great character actor" (which, by the way, is a personal opinion and has no place journalism). But, then, the S-T does many things that have no place in journalism. In the future, how about making it a point to be more sensitive to the families in such tragedies - if this man were your brother or father, how would you feel about this article? Have some compassion and common decency, for Heaven's sake.


this article reports the truth revealed from the police investigation. i just wish it had been reported that a gun was found by the body at the beginning instead of leaving us to believe that there were some armed carjackers on the loose.


Thank you for reporting this. It could have been done using a bit more discretion, however.

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