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September 18, 2008



Vandalism is never "OK", but who is REALLY concerned about this as a local issue?

Boo hoo, the worst thing going on crime-wise in Southlake is some High School student getting his Hummer keyed.

If people think this is truly a bad crime-spree, they should try visiting South Dallas sometime.


Without knowing the details, we can guess the kid Hummer driver probably pulled some punk move and cut this guy off while speeding down 1709, and the old man decided to follow him to school and key his car later on. The question I have is, how did this kid get that freaking lucky camera footage??? Do Hummers come equipped with side-mirror hidden cameras now? And is it common for those cameras to be rolling 24/7?


I hope they throw him in jail and throw away the key.

Fort Worthian

Even if the kid driving the car did do something stupid, this guy should have the guts and maturity to confront him about it. Instead, he acted more like a punk himself. I hope he gets caught.


I have thought of doing that myself several times. A Hummer is an 'in-your-face' type of vehicle. It says, "I have money. Look at my car. Gas prices? Who cares?" My desire to vandalize them stems from the fact that they are gas hogs and the perfect example for what is wrong with our country--its dependence on foreign oil and those who have no problem with excess. (The first time I saw them on a new car lot in Phoenix, Arizona back in 1996, the price tag was $77,000). No, I will not vandalize them. That's petty and I wouldn't want anyone doing that to my car, either (" unto others..."). Besides, there are plenty of others out there willing to as demonstrated by Mr. Jeppe. Here, here.

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