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September 17, 2008


Judy Marin

Wow, what a jerk. You can expect that from an immature high schooler, not some old already regressing in mentality SOB. Hope they catch him, prosecute him, fine him and make him pay the for the damage and do community service.


it's a shame that a grown adult behaves in this manner,(proably a member of greenpeace).also a shame that a kid is forced to drive their hummer to school in southlake.i'm forced to assume his or benz was in the me,it's lmao in arlington and wishing i had those two for parents!


There's probably more to this story... I'm not sure if you have noticed, kids today very are disrespectful to all including their own parents. On a side note, the car I drove in school didn't cost 1/3 of the damage to the Hummer.


Just because a kid drives an expensive car doesn't mean it's OK to key it.
The offender should be caught and made to pay for the damages and for the trouble he put everyone through, the moron.


My baser urge would be to skewer the tyres. Why does a high school student need to drive a Hummer to school? That sort of conspicuous consumption really grates on me. Fuel cost, exhaust emissions, sloppy driving...


Here is my comments.. it seems very fishy that we have this vidoe #1 and secondly.. the article is inaccurate.. it reports that the Hummer as owned by the student..
I think we all know that it isnt owned by the student.. the more accurate statement would be driven by a student... It isnt about Southlake... Kids in every ISD drive Hummers or expensive cars.. So get off Southlake..


He needs to be fined and made to pay for the repairs. I am glad it is not my car and I didn't catch him in the act he wouldn't have to wait for the police; the police would be picking me up because I would be whipping his old a_ _ and that is that. It shouldn't matter what kind of car the student drives; obviously someone felt that the child deserves it and but no one has the right to intentionally cause damage to anyone else property.


Some of the responses sound like they would key the vehicle too because a kid drives it. Geeezzzz it doesn't matter who drives the car or what type of car - you don't just go around damaging other peoples property. Your just upset because the roles were switched this time.


It's just a shame that anyone is driving a vehicle like that, especially impressionable teens.
It's wrong to vandalize it, but I have no sympathy for the hummer owners.
If someone can drive an expensive gas-guzzling, polluting conspicuous consumption vehicle like that, I'm sure they can use their weekly allowance to pay for the damages.
Besides, the hummer driver probably was driving like a hot-shot and caused the old man's revenge.


Nobody has the right to damage anyone else's property period... I would like to hear the older gentleman's story as to why he would pick that vehicle? Does he have issues with all Hummers? Is he a Hummer Hater? Or is it a personal thing versus the owner or driver? I am sure that wasnt the only Hummer in that parking lot... Maybe he is tree hugger and doesnt like the fact the Hummer gets terrible gas mileage? But I agree he needs to be held responible for the damages and do community service at the high school..hmmm like wiping the bird dung off all cars that cost over 1,000


It's pretty sad that this man could possibly be a husband, father and/or grandfather! He should be ashamed of himself. He's probably hiding in his home hoping no one finds him! He should pay for what he has done, no matter what kind of car or who owns/drives the car! This man needs to grow up and get a real hobby like golf or whatever old men do.


Why is this on the front page of the news
web-site? My son's 2000 Ford Explorer
was broken into and his stereo ripped out
of his dashboard. Why isn't that on the front page? Hmmm... maybe someone who's
a high-ranking person with the news agency is the parent of this spoiled rotten pimply-faced teenager that caused this old guy to do something like that? Now that sounds like it explains a lot.


Can they give us all the facts. Was the Hummer parked legally? Did it take up more than one space? Was it parked in a handicapped zone without a tag? Did the owner of the Hummer previously drive the other car off the road, shoot him the finger or act like a jerk like lots of kids do? Don't condemn the old guy until you know all the facts. Park illegally in a handicapped zone and I may do worse than keying.


In response to Mary: It's terrible your kids 2000 Explorer was broken into but the reason it didn't make the front page is because there was no video of the offense taken from a motion activated security camera. The video makes this case unique.

I've read that Hummers have a high rate of 'keying' in Southlake over the last two years. From another article in the ST- "24 vehicles have been targeted in residential neighborhoods and at Southlake Town Square, he said. Of those, 12 have been Hummers, Page said.

“The X’s have been used a few times and sometimes it’s just been a straight line"

Maybe this wasn't his first time to commit this crime, just his first with video evidence.


You want facts?
No he was not parked illegally
his parking spot was blue because at southlake you buy parking spots & paint them. (there are MANY colors in the parking lot) No he did not drive eratically & cut him off or flip him off; He isnt a punk. & no you can clearly see the hummer didnt take up more than one spot; it was parked in straight for that matter. Don't condem the driver before you know the facts either.


(there are MANY colors in the parking lot)

Handicapped spaces are BLUE!

Retro Jordan

The new line is absolutely stunning! I have been so entertained by your blog, I didn't even see the link to your things you do. Keep coming up with ideas. Thank you for sharing!

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