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September 24, 2008


spelling freak

..can drink if their with their parents, according to a newspaper report.

should be

can drink if they're (they are) with their parents, according to a newspaper report.

Steve Gibson

Please look at your second paragraph. You used the first "their" incorrectly. Where did you go to school?
Maybe you should take an English class.


How stupid & sick is this person. I can't call him a man because a man would have more sense than to buy beer for babies. He needs to be put away for life.


Little boozers grow up to be big losers.


"He needs to be put away for life."

Uh, wow, that's a little extreme, don't you think? In MANY states it's perfectly legal for adults to give their kids alcohol if they're with them. The US has the oldest drinking age in the world. Beer & wine are deeply engrained in many European cultures and have been for centuries.

It's not like the guy was at a bar and buying the kid shots of whiskey.

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