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October 24, 2008



I'm curious as to how they tell that. If the hair came from the child while she was alive and had been in the trunk for all those months, would it still have decomposed? If so, how do they tell if the hair came from the girl alive or dead? Seriously, this is a legitimate question. I'm not trying to second guess the police-- just wondering how they tell.


this is really getting out of control, she just needs to be a mother and an honest person and tell what she did to her child... so people are just sick in the head


It could have had some skin in the hair or something?


It is extremely sad and upsetting to know that women have the power to have children and also have the power to ruin the child's life. This woman needs psychological help and needs to be put away for the rest of her life.


I'm guessing that the root area of the hair strands contain traces of cadaverene and/or putrecine--amino acids present in small quantities in living persons, but abundant byproducts of decomposition.

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