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November 25, 2008



This fiend should have his medical license revoked, then deported without the citizens of this country putting him up in any prison. He should be placed in a small boat six miles from the NORTH Korean shore as far from South Korea as possible. His hands and feet should be shackled and weighted with concrete. The water around his boat should be seeded with hundreds of pounds of shark chum and his boat should then be riddled with hundreds of holes. And all this should be recorded and shown to every immigrant doctor allowed to practice in the US.

Robin L Friedel

Yes, strip him of his licenses to practice,his citizenship if he has it and deport him with no chance of ever re-entry into the United States.What is wrong with people? How in the world can anyone feel lust,desire or any kind of sexual attraction to a child!? I


This is very disturbing. He should definately be deported and his license should have already been suspended. Scared to think that a dr who looks at child porn could possibly have patients that are children. Sickening.....

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