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November 26, 2008


JAnna Martin

Help me understand. . .the license plate is in view on this video. Can't the police trace the plate to the owner ? I still can't understand how someone can just walk up to a person, another human being, and shoot them. . .what kind of animal does that ? Lord help us. . .


JAnna, you forget who you are dealing with here. It's the FORT WORTH Police Department (better known as Barney Fife and company). Their main emphasis is to get on the TV show, Cops. Any actual solution to a crime is secondary (or maybe tertiary -- behind cashing their paychecks). Actually, I apologize to Barney Fife -- he's a much better law enforcement officer than any FW cop ever thought of being.
As for the type of animal we are dealing with, it's the type of animal that doesn't want to compete in a free society. The type that will flourish in this upcoming Obama bailout, spread the wealth, no consequences, IRS rebate checks for the bottom 40% producers, communistic society that will drive this great country into third-world status.

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