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December 31, 2008



You know, it's a straightforward case of criminal irresponsibility when drunks just cause wrecks... but when they run after doing so, any hint of an "accidental" aspect is pushed to the background. While I realize that intent is one of the distinctions between manslaughter and murder, I hope that the special circumstance of evading arrest makes the punishment worse if he's convicted.


Too bad, so sad. What a waste. Was the drink worth it???


Nobody said pigs are smart.

Sheri Bailiff

This is so sad and such a waste of what could have been a good life for Mark. Mark went to school with my daughter and I feel his whole high school career started his irresponsible behavior. I realize that he loved his father dearly and losing him was really hard, but he should have thought how his dad would have wanted him to behave. His dad was so proud of him and would be devastated at how his life has turned out. Does anyone know if he ever married the girl he was seeing named Mandy?


Yes, he married Mandy. She is a sweet person and they have an infant son. Can you just imagine the hell her life is right now. My prayers are with his family and the family of the victim. Mark is a grown man and should be held accountable for his own actions. That is what is wrong with the world today, everybody wants to blame someone or something when all they have to do is take a good long look at themselves. It was an extremely selfish thing he did, only thinking of himself as usual.

Wendy Vaughn

I have to respond to the comments above because it's overwhelming to hear people comment on someone they know nothing about. Is this what you call the christian slander??? I really hope someone doesn't judge you the way you judge others. Mark was in town on vacation and made a horrible mistake. He knows this and deals with it privately with God everyday. He expects to be punished for his Janet...does it make you feel better to bash him? He has done amazing things in his life and really had things going on the right track. He had a beautiful wife, son, a great job, and recently purchased his first home. He had turned his life around dispite the depression he went through with the loss of his dad who was his mentor and best friend. He will pay for his actions as he expects to...but he will never answer to you or anyone else but God.


Wendy, you obviously are a friend or family member of Mark. Try to step into another set of shoes... as friend/family of Lance. Mark made a mistake and he will pay some price, however think of the price that is paid every day by Lance's widow and his 3 fatherless children. Whatever price Mark pays, it is infinitesimal compared to the price being paid by Lance's family.

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