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January 13, 2009


Alannah Mellor

Hae there i was wondering why people arent still trying harder to solve the murder of Amber Hagerman cause someone till me why????????????


We were one of Amber's neighbors, and our older kids grew up knowing and playing with her. The events around that horrible day and the ones following are forever inscribed in our minds - especially of our younger daughter who is now twenty, but whose young mind and heart were scorched by her childhood friend's murder.

I'm so glad that someone, more clever and resourceful than us, found a way to help abducted children through all of this. That day, as we listened to Amber's mom scream her name in the street, we ran to our cars and trucks to search for her, to try to find this "black truck." We honestly were ready to grab the guy, throw him from his truck, and take her back. We wish we could have succeeded...

We tied pink bows on all the trees in our neighborhood, a sign of hope for her return - and of unity in suffering. Many of us could hardly bear to remove those bows when the news of her death came.

Our daughter was forever changed - so were we. Having lost one child in a stillbirth, we know some of the pain of losing one; but not like this.
Our hearts forever grieve with you, Donna and family. We'll never forget.

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