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February 28, 2009


Derrick Edens

very sad story...


“One reason he is where he is now is thinking about his brother,” said Price, who turned 80 in January. “They were real close.”
I don't remember very much from when I was two. I think he's were he is, for the same reason everyone else is. They made decisions. Bad ones.
It's tragic whenever a child dies. Especially when it was so preventable.

name withheld

my granny ***** ******(name withheld) was in this case too because she had let my aunt bird go, to this party...i never got to meet tinky they shouldnt have did that but i think they were just tyring to put him to sleep then when they saw how he was acting he got scared...

J. D. Brown

I was the lead detective in this case. It affects me still 21 years later. I knew Tinky & his little brother well. I knew the "mother" well. She should have been convicted. She was just as guilty as Jimerson in Tinky's death. I'm glad Jimerson got his life together but it took TWO that night & he shouldn't have paid the price alone. I see where Patricia still hasn't changed. It's sad when children did as Tinky did. Such a waste...
J.D. Brown

Matthew Coultress

I've never forgotten this case. Although I have no connection to it, or to anyone involved in it, the terrible and completely preventable death of "Tinky" has remained with me for all the years since I first read about it in the newspaper.
The court system failed this little boy; in failing him, it failed countless other children who, like Tinky, are the helpless victims of parents who should never have been parents, and care-givers who neither give nor care.
I'm in my sixties and have known death, in and out of the military, since I was about Tinky's age; but something about that little boy -- and the wasting of his life by those he trusted -- will haunt me until I die.
It seems to me that the police did their job. But the court? No.

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