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February 26, 2009



I don't have a problem with him being released to "home confinement" -- assuming it actually works & he abides by the rules. But I just hope that NO NFL team picks him up to play. What a horrible role model this guy has been-- break the law, abuse the animals, & lie, lie, lie about it until the evidence sank him.

Professional sports needs to CLEAN UP ITS ACT! When are people going to get tired of rewarding the nitwits who break the law over & over, and then flaunt it? Would YOU get fired from YOUR job if you were convicted of a felony & lied about it over & over?? I sure would. These overpaid nimrods don't think they have to play by the same rules as us poor peons... no, we just pay their salaries by buying the overpriced football tickets & overpriced jerseys & jackets & hats, etc. We need to step up and say "enough is enough" and demand that professional sports teams clean things up!

It appears we're all finally fed up with the poor performance & lies & lack of responsibility by the CEO's of our big financial institutions--- so isn't it also time for us to be fed up with rewarding errant athletes for illegal & inappropriate behavior???

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