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March 03, 2009



Here's what I saw. When I was walking into Office Depot with my daughter about 10 minutes before this happened I saw the Ricky Lee character leaning against a pillar at the SE corner of the store just looking into the parking lot. I told my daughter that whenever you see somebody do that you need to be aware of your surroundings. A few minutes later when I was in the store, the electronic front doors opened and I saw a guy with in his 50s with a TCU hat chasing RL across the parking lot yelling "stop" and "give it back NOW".
I ran outside and joined he chase - about 10 yards or so behind the TCU guy and the younger man I believe is Jason. The TCU guy was right on him and Jason was a few feet behind. Right before the hedge that separates the vacant lot from the UA Theatre, RL threw the purse at Jason who picked it up. The TCU guy and I kept chasing RL as he jumped over the hedge. By this time a movie was letting out and I was yelling for someone to call 911. Several other guys started walking towards the chase as it caught up with them.
RL started to run across Ederville Road when Ms. Renfro drove up behind him. He obviously messed with the wrong woman. I saw RL tying to open her door and she was yelling back at him. He tried to run again and she bumped with the car. He got back up and tried to run west but a couple in boxed him in with their SUV. He turned back around and started running back towards the theatre parking lot. I called 911 at that point and gave a description of RL and kept running after him, but was getting tired. By that time several people had RL cornered and what the story doesn't say is that as we were chasing him around the parking lot he was calling us liars and saying he hadn't done anything. He even accused Jason of stealing the purse. When all else failed, he started playing the race card out of desperation. He approached one African-American guy saying "you need to help a brother" and "they're all lying about me". The guy responded that he didn't know who to believe and just relax and wait until the police sort it out.
He then started to run again and the "fight" at 10:50 in the 911 tape was when I tackled him as he started to run away. He pushed me off and told me to leave him alone and again that I was lying about the whole thing.
Other than when he yanked Ms. Renfro's purse and later at the car no one hit anyone. Turns out the guy in his 50's with a TCU hat was a long-distance runner. With the TCU guy keeping on RL constantly, he would have gotten away, or at least into the woods - almost certainly with Ms. Renfro's purse as well.


This is great! When people just stand by and do nothing is when these thieves get bolder.

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