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March 24, 2009


J Parsons

This officer should be suspended for at least 6 months to consider the actions that his recklessness could have caused. In my training as a Police Officer we were told that exceeded a posted speed by 10 was the key to safe emergency travel. Even at a long distance that amount of speed is not going to make a lot of difference and on a short trip really doesn't save more than a few seconds.

In last weeks news there was also a report of an officer being hit while running a red light to catch a vehicle for a minor offense. Even with Red lights and siren the officer at the wheel is totally responsible to insure that the way is clear before going thru a traffic control device where they would be required to stop.

Delores Mendoza

I realize the officer was in a hurry to make sure his fellow officer was okay but he needed to be more careful because of others on the road. He could have really hurt himself or someone else. I know cars can be replaced but not people.

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