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April 29, 2009


richard colonel

I am beginning to wonder if the employee had had his "morning coffee" yet.


Radioshack had a customer?


The behavior described is unacceptable to us and appropriate action has been taken.

RadioShack Customer Care

Ex Shacker

I'm suprised it wasn't reversed, the customer punching the employee!!! LOL

Chris Murray

Bacl when I managed a store for RadioShack I would get some strange and aggressive customers that would come in for a return (i.e. the one time a shady women tried to return a 15 year old answering machine, with the large outdated cassettes complete with the woodgrain stickered housing) and then yell at you can't (or won't), you just don't hit the customers. This almost sounds like a story for 'The Onion'.


So this is where Dick Cheney got a new job. The customer should be glad he wasn't returning a rifle to a gun store.

Chris M

You've got questions? So do we...


You've got questions? Here's your freakin answer.
Been there thought about it
What's the frequency Kenneth.

Mike Wallas

Sometimes customers can be a real pain. I am 19, have been worked for Radioshack for a bit more than 2 years, and have had my fair share of pricks. Don't make the mistake of judging me by my age, I was more than qualified to work at the store, much more than other employees I've met.

There are customers that try to return a product that is incomplete: I've had a woman once try to return an mp3 player she had purchased just 30 minutes before, but was missing a cable and the headphones. After telling her we can't accept it until she brings back the product complete with all that it comes with, she begins to stress and yells so aggressively. Finally my manager comes to help me, and tells the woman the same things I said and all she does is keep screaming and saying I'm a horrible employee for not accepting the damn mp3 player that she paid money for. I wanted to punch her in the nose, but held my composure.

Like Chris Murray (above) mentioned, I also had a customer try to return incredibly old and outdated products that we don't sale, and don't even have them in our system anymore. I even had a couple customers try to return fairly new items, but without packaging, without a receipt, without any proof they purchased it, or more importantly, purchased it at Radioshack. I've had a few customers try to return products that are sold exclusively at other retailers, like Circuit City, Staples, etc. One time I had a customer get really angry with me because I was not taking back her return, even though she had a receipt and the product was still un-opened. Even though I kept telling her that we are Radioshack and we do not take returns of products that were purchased at Staples, and the fact that the receipt said Staples on it didn't help, she only screamed more about my incompetence.

Sure I've had nice, good customers, but my point is some people are crazy and hate retail employees no matter what. Perhaps this 52 year old employee in the article had a good reason to punch the customer. It's unfortunate we don't get the full story.

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