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April 21, 2009


Bill Petty

From what I can determine by viewing the video, the police officer was out of line!
I'm sure he can come up with a story to justify his actions but if I were in a position to do so, I would fire him! He should not be a police officer!!!


Was this officer having a bad day. The guy in the video plainly was ready to leave. Maybe the officer was stressed from the accident! However that does not excuse the treatment of the two camera men.


Office Ramirez was WAY OUT OF LINE!! He should have been more concerned about the accident and keeping people on the highway safe. This officer needs to be fired. He used way too much excessive force as well. I hope that he pays dearly for this.


OMG! That officer should be facing charges. False arrest, battery on a citizen. There way no need to put his hands upon the reporter who was in obviously in compliance. The officer let his ego get the better of him when the reporter said the cameraman had a right to shoot film. This is not Nazi Germany. The officer did not want video footage of what he was doing and illegally assaulted the cameraman by physically removing the camera from his possession. The officer should definetely be fired and prosecuted. He does not deserve to wear that badge.

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