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May 28, 2009



For all of those who constantly post messages on this board and constantly rail against people who get probation as opposed to prison time (life in prison is what most people on these boards seem to expect), I suggest you read the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure. That code authorizes probation in the appropriate situations. For those of you who just can't stomach this, please move to one of the other wonderful countries on our planet that never allow probation. You'll be so much happier. In fact, you might even get to stone someone on the town square. Maybe that will quench your blood lust. But until then, you will just have to deal with living in a democracy. What a shame.

Jen Johnson

To Ms. Cleveland, You got your second chance. Now straighten up! You should pray and thank God everyday that Mr. Ramos did not want you to go to jail. Mr. Ramos really sounds like a wonderful person.


i wish she would pray for forgiveness by the real god for what she did


Ianster and Jen and any other "Lisa Bashers" - Do you know Lisa? Do you know that before this accident she VERY RARELY drank and that she is a GREAT person and a WONDERFUL Christian woman?! She happened to make a mistake and has suffered greatly for it. She has asked for forgiveness and, if your're talking about the "real God" then she has been forgiven. She hasn't had one sip of alcohol since this incident and will most likely NEVER drink again. I can assure you that everything happens for a reason and while she would do anything to take back this entire incident (most especially for those injured), she has learned from it greatly! She is a fantastic mom of two wonderful Christian children and Lisa and her kids deserve to be left alone. She made a mistake. She is paying for it. If you are perfect then feel free to comment. Otherwise, please keep your hypocritic thoughts to yourselves!

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