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May 28, 2009



i wish he would pray for forgiveness by the real god


Ok, I saw the Oprah show today, and it really disturbed me when a "victim" cried "don't blame the victim..." to an audience member who questioned her judgement in this man! These ladies claimed they asked this man if he was "clean" and he said "yes", so they took his word for it...THIS DOES NOT MAKE SENSE TO ME!!!!!!! Never take anyone's word for anything, even if he's cute, or you're in love or have been dating for a while. Use condoms, or don't have sex...and go with your partner to get tested for std's TOGETHER, before you jump in the saddle. I don't understand how this country operates these days.. it's legal to kill an unborn child, yet a person gets a life sentence for making someone potentially sick....hmmm!?! These women are not victims to him, they are victims of their own stupidity.

Diana Ismail

OMG... to the above comment, you are unbelievably ignorant. I bet you if you were in these womens shoes you clearly wouldn't be speaking in such a manner. Yes the women should not have taken this man's word for being clean, but you must understand they were all vulnerable women who came out of very long marriages. I guess when they found this man he was in their eyes young and handsome, they jumped on the saddle and took his words as the truth and overlooked things that may be obvious to you and me. It easy to judge people from the outside looking in.

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