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May 28, 2009


H C Robertson

It is not fair to charge the pharmacist with murdur even though he shot the boy
5 more times in the abdoman. He obviously was stressed out
over the attempted robbery and acted out. The boy should not have been trying to commit a crime.

Rickey Benningfield

The assault ended when the person was on the floor unconscious, the perpetration had came to an end. There was no reason for the person to fire 5 more rounds into his abdomen.


Good enough for the punk. No murder here just good sense.

Victor P.

This guy was probably just fed up with the b.s.! If they prosecute this guy, everyone involved in doing so should immediately be removed from office!!!


Yes, Ersland went beyond self-protection when he returned to the unconscious teen and shot him five more times in the abdomen as he lay on the floor. He should be convicted and this should serve as a warning to everyone that self defense has it's limitations......

Agnostic Anarch

He was just making sure.

james moore

the pharmacist's emotions before, during, and after the robbery and shooting are the same as those experienced by police officers involved in high speed chases where the culprit tries to run over a brother officer. even tho the actor may be unconscious that doesn't stop the flow of emotions. policemen are trained to deal with these emotions and should know better. the pharmacist had no training for this. he was scared for his life as well as those around him. he was caught up in the moment and reacted wrongly. i for one think he should be awarded a medal for his heroism, not prosecuted.

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