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May 29, 2009



Self defense? Five bullets into an unconscious man? I don't think so.

richard colonel

anybody points a gun at me, they better be able to use it, not just wave it around, because if I get my hands on it, the gun will end up where the sun don't shine.

Chris Murray

You know.... the only way to get burglars and armed robbers to get the message is to back those who do defend themselves. It may take some sacrifices, but hopefully the criminals will get the message. It's called conditioning.

Tony Weese

Everyone knows you kill the bad guys or they will sue you. Jerome Ersland did whay I would have done.

james moore

pin a medal on the pharmacist and give him some more bullets

sweet james

When a druged crazed thug comes into your store with the intent to either take your money and products or kill you a different part of your mind takes over - adrenaline kicks in and its fight or flight. No one can say what they would've doen in the heat of the moment, but justice was served and the good guy is the last who should be blamed (or arrested).


Go Jim ..... Go Jim !!!!!!
yeah, we should have just given the 16 year old criminal a cake instead of instaneous death ..... lol.
You rubber-back bone liberals are a funny group ..... you want laws and justice but don't have the stomach to see the results.

Mr, Jim the Pharmacist just saved us all countless millions of dollars in courts costs and incarceration costs to house this 16 year old humanoid reject.

GOOD JOB JIM !!!!!!!!!!

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