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May 19, 2009



now do we still need some sort of gun control? probably not. i think the dealers knew something. yet it's all about the money isn't it? i say bring on the tighter laws and stop this non-sense.


Wait a minute!!! notice a pattern here? MEXICAN AFTER MEXICAN on the list... please do not call them "Houston men" unless they are legal Houstonians.
Just because, "Monday’s indictment is linked to two other Houston men who have pleaded guilty in recent weeks.
John Hernandez, who also attended Klein Forest, was sentenced to eight years in prison. Among the weapons he supplied were firearms used in the “Acapulco Massacre” in which three Mexican police officers were killed."
DOESN'T MEAN THEY ARE HOUSTON MEN. Call it like it is... Mexicans bringing guns back to Mexico... The United States is NOT to blame for their troubles and gang war.


Please explain what an M-16 variant is? They are very difficult for civilians to own. If you are talking about an AR-15, that is a semi-automatic rifle, not a full auto M-16. Please get your facts straight. An M-16 requires a TON of BATF paperwork and a $200 fee for transfer.


Call it like it is... Mexicans bringing guns back to Mexico... The United States is NOT to blame for their troubles and gang war.

And they bought them where? Yes, the U.S. is responsible if it can't stop petty criminals from buying these weapons in our country. If we are the strongest nation in the world, then why can't we? We are equally to blame for this.

Melba Harvill

You have to have an Uzi to live in Texas these days. The DPS can't do much up to protect us here in Wichita Falls.


Yes, they bought the guns in the US. But if the dealers followed the law ie background check and waiting period, then how is it the Americas fault? Pass a law to prohibit gun sales to hispanics? I believe the fault and blame lie south of the border, not on the north side!

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