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June 29, 2009


Gary Marshall

My question is, How many times has FWPD and TABC raided bars like Billy Bob's, Billy Miners, or City Streets. All big night club venues in Fort Worth, all big tourist bars. I would very much like to see the statistics on this, showing how many times the big clubs of Fort Worth were raided with such violence and show of force. How many arrests were made for public intoxication in those bars.

I really wonder how legal a public intoxication charge is, when it is charged to a person inside a bar. for TABC to claim it is to prevent some one from driving drunk, that is a false rationalization. If that is the reasoning, then cancel ALL TABC licenses then in the name of public safety. What is the purpose of having a designated driver so you can enjoy yourself, and not have to worry about a DWI. If these charges are valid, then it is sending a message that no one needs to worry about having a designated driver and all the work of MADD was pointless since you can not be drunk inside a bar. Legally drunk and drunk enough to pose a risk to public safety is a large spread especially if you are not driving. I have several friends that are FWPD, I have been out drinking with them and have seen other members of FWPD no more intoxicated then those that were in the bar Saturday night. What message does that present?

I firmly believe that their choice to raid the other two bars in Fort Worth were merely to cover up their choice of selective enforcement. This way they can say they were not targeting a particular group of people, "See, we raid two other bars too, not just the gay one" both I might add are enroute to the gay bar. I do think this had nothing to do with the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, this is just merely a coincidence I seriously doubt that what ever agency chose to organize these raids even knew the date or the fact it was the anniversary.

If this had been just a random check, they would not have showed up with paddy wagons and zip cuffs in hand. I have been in bars when random checks were done to insure TABC regulations were being adhered to, never were they going through with zip ties in hand. That is what a vice squad does when it makes a raid on a business doing illegally activities, not a random bar inspection.

I have been in this bar twice, and I can say it is a very well run business. They even carded our group, which ranged in age from 37 to 49, to insure that we all had our photo id's on us.


These people are sick. Satin is laughing at your actions.

Leo Goodman

Bars get "raided" all the time. Been in a couple myself. My best political advice to the City of Fort Worth is just to roll your eyes and ignore this. The rest of the city is.

Councilman Burns, don't worry about your personal constituency. You were elected the first time, you'll be elected again unless you do something stupid here.

The City might have to give this some lip service, but this is going nowhere. And if it does, then elected officials might be held to account.

How many people showed for the protest downtown Sunday? 100? In a city of 600,000. Would have had 200 but there were some hangovers, I'm sure.

Some guys got roughed up? Happens all the time, especially when a few people act like fools. And do I believe that a few people acted as the police claim? Yes, I do.

The citizens of Fort Worth simply don't care about this.

Civil rights are civil rights. Doesn't matter if you're homosexual or heterosexual. They're all the same.

Nowhere, as far as I've ever read, does one get special civil rights for being homosexual. Homosexual bars can be "raided" just like all the rest.

Get over it.

This ain't New York City. Or Dallas, for that matter.


It is time for Ft. Worth to follow Dallas's lead in having a gay community liason. It is also time for both the FWPD and the TABC to be required to take sensitivity training regarding the gay and lesbian community. And for this "raid" to occur ON the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall event is not only malicious, but also a slap in the face to the gay community of Tarrant County!!!


Frankly, you have to wonder exactly why public and state officials are being paid overtime on a Sunday, scheduled review or not (these are done all the time in regular evening hours, not 1am). For those of you who think, because FTW is tiny, this will blow over, think again: those officers' names have been published, they'll find out themselves how small a town they live in.

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