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July 14, 2009




Teufel Hunden

Randy, you are absolutely right! My dad is a Marine, I am a Marine and we always will be. Lean, Green and Mean! I hope they find these idiots. Semper Fi!

richard colonel

Vandalism of the American Flag right here in our own country is and should be a crime. Any one caught vandalizing an American Flag should be prosecuted to the greatest extent of the law. When I first put up my American Flag on my front lawn, I was asked by my hispanic neighbors why I did not have the flags from other countries also flying and I explained that I am flying the flag of the United States, if they wanted to fly their flag they should return to their native country and fly their flag there with all the care they wish to put into it. Unfortunately, they decided against doing as I suggested. I fly the Flag for several reasons. One reason I fly the Flag is to let my neighbors realize what county they are in and that they should learn the laws of the United States. Celebrate their customs back in their own countries and learn the customs of this country.


I fly the flag as well, because I love the United States of America and the freedoms that it guarantees its citizens to think, speak and act freely. The Supreme Court has decided that flag burning is an exercise of free speech and that is the law of the land. The flag burners do not have the right to burn this man's property and are wrong for that action, but flag burning in itself is symbolic expression of protest. To protect free speech, you must protect the rights of those you disagree with as well.


Richard Colonel, while I applaud you for flying the American flag, if the reason you fly it is because of your neighbors then I demand you not fly it anymore. It is disgusting for us to serve in the military in the name of freedom and democracy for all people so that you can espouse derogatory remarks against others. Hilter used to make the same propagandistic comments to the German people about Jews. I think you are better than that, you are an American. Be proud and accept all people of all ethnic origins. We don't get to pick and choose which human is better than the other. You must have slept through your American history courses. America is made up of immigrants, except for Native American Indians. I seriously doubt anyone would have asked you why you are not flying the flag of another country. Inciting hatefulness by making statements that make you feel righteous to another human being is disgusting. Shame on you!


Ed, you should give them a hip pocket class on the 2nd Ammendment. Semper Fi!

Aiden Sosa

Vandalism of the flag should carry a stiff punishment. I so happen to be Hispanic and a Marine. There are many people in this country that are not Hispanic that don't understand our patriotism. Instead of being prejudice about it, we should extend an American flag as gift for them to hang with pride. I am 1st generation American and I am as proud as can be. I am so proud that I felt the only way to truly show how much I love this country is to volunteer and join the greatest band of brothers...The United States Marines. Hearing racist comments as the one left today makes it difficult to deal with the fact that I may die so this individual can keep that type of thought process going. But I am a Marine and it is my duty and honor to lay my life down so my country can keep those precious freedoms we hold dear. I'll say this one last thing; our country was built by immigrants from all over the world and our very traditions are a blend of those various countries. In the Marine corps all we have is our fellow Devil Dogs and the world would be so much better if we could all think like wait there is a reason why we are the few and the proud. A Marine is and will always be a special breed! OOORAH!!!!!!

Rick Waldroup

Burning the flag is an act of vandalism and arson. We do not need special laws or Constitutional ammendments to protect the flag. Hopefully, the cops will catch these idiots and the courts will punish them to the full extent of the law.


Thanks for the article.
It amazes me, these guys must have a death wish. 100 years ago they would be hung for treason.

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