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July 31, 2009



NO ONE CARES. GIVE IT A REST. The man owned a stip club (more than one) a used car lot and a Pawn shop (oops a finance comapny...haha) Billings was no angel although no one should take the life of anyone else. As far as the Escambia County Sheriffs Department...those people are lazy, ignorant, arrogant and inept. They are dumb, have absolutely no investigative ability, think they are God's gift to law enforcement and completely unable to solve anything that is not literally dropped into their laps. They are incapable of reasoning and deductive thought. Had they not had a video of this probably wouldn't have been solved. They could not find a lost dog at the pound and unless a murderer gets caught in a video...or leaves a lot of DNA and clues at the scene of a crime...or confesses....or leaves a note pinned to the dead body that says: Killed by: and leaves the name, address and telephone number of the murderer....they're home free. Just be gone by the P.M. and one has nothing to worry about.....but God forbid that a person should spit at a car or cuss a deputy. That calls for jail time and the latter will get you shot. And the coroner in Pensacola, is equally as bad and the Sheiff's office has her in their back pocket. She is incapable of an accurate autopsy. She says accidental drowning....with no water in the victims lungs etc. and so on and so forth. She's a damn idiot as are All the people who work for her. God....what a mess. Now, this is an accurate if somewhat hateful depiction of what is actually reality in Pensacola, Florida. Too bad one of the talk shows don't pull these idiots in for fave to face interviews and have then answer questions on cases that are out there with murder written all over them....murderers confessing to others that they did the crime and have gotten away with it....and these idiots sitting back like the ruler of Iran...arrogant and autocratic and incapable of setting any matter straight. So if you want to kill it in Pensacola, Florda. It's the murderers heaven.


Also, the Billings were paid major social security sums for each of those special needs children plus medicaid although I dont think they got food stamps. What a racket. Now their loving daughter will get paid mega bucks for raising these kids and they're on social security from the cradle to the grave. I don't condone the just galls me to know of so many people that have died in this town and the police do nothing....if you're not in a million dollar home and dont have a shady past....the Escambia County cops don't think that it is worth their time. And they give it none....and I can give lots of specific names. Lots of them


Billings was connected with strip clubs, used car dealerships & loans, and other cash businesses-2nd wife said he dealt with shady characters all the time. $100K cash in the home. Connect the dots, looks like money laundering and other shady businesses going on at the same time. This was an obvious hit.

Stan Willmann

So why are you "reporting" this as a hit crime??? This is very irresponsible when you have no "facts"!!! Reporting should be telling the facts, not inventing stories that have no foundation!!! Our media has "lost it's way"! Get back to facts, and stop inventing stories for headlines!!!!

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