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July 22, 2009


Virginia Read

I enjoyed reading this bit of history. My husband told me this story since he was born and raised near the location mentioned in Wise County. My girl friend and I went to the funeral home in Decatur and viewed Mr Kelley. We were in our early teens, but I remember it just like yesterday. Actually, we were very scared

Don Young

James Taylor recorded a cool song about Machine Gun Kelly. Find the lyrics here:

Niki Lee

My mother was a 10 year old living in Cottondale when this kidnapping occurred. I have heard her tell stories about it all my life. It made quite an impression on her, as you can imagine. She said that no one was completely surprised when it came to light where Mr. Urschel was held because the community had noticed for quite awhile that something strange was going on at the Shannon property. Apparently a number of cars had been coming and going and an extra room without windows had been built onto the little house where Shannon's son lived. My grandfather owned a small grocery store in Cottondale and Ora had asked to buy cigarettes from him. He didn't have a license to sell cigarettes, but offered to sell her the loose tobacco and rolling papers, but she didn't want that. It was a little scandalous back then for women to smoke, so he made note of it.

Virginia Brooks Hall

I am a relative of Kathryn Brooks Kelly. I had heard the story of the this woman in hushed tones when I was growing up in the northeast Mississippi area. Thanks for the story.

Peggy Huffman McMahon

My father was the Fort Worth Policeman that drove Machine Gun Kelly to the Fort Worth Jail when he was captured.

K Martin

Does anyone know where Kathryn and her Mom are buried ?

Cameron Smith

Umm Peggy, Machine Gun Kelly was never driven to Fort Worth. He was tried in Oklahoma and sent to Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary in Kansas, and afterward was sent to Alcatraz for a bit.

Laura Collins

Although Kelly turned into someone that nobody would think of him doing, he still left an image of him that we all should look up to. There is still that attitude of him that we can't deny to praise. No matter how bad a person, he deserved something that he was not given when still alive.

R. Scott

Our great aunt worked for the Kelly's as their nanny while they were out making their living. Have pictures and documents of their relationship.

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