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July 28, 2009



Company policy is understandable but not written in stone. This young man, courageous at that, should not have been fired. Disciplined maybe, but not fired.. What kind of message are you sending by punishing a good samaritan? No wonder there aren't many around when you need them.


that,s a damm shame. here we have a hero,but company policies prohibits that.goes to show you that america has no feeling for their workers. i hope they go out of buisness. good job randy.


want to clarify the name of the hero who did a good deed. i called him randy but his name is troy shafer. hats off to you troy. you are a good samariton and a hero. maybe it,s a good thing they fired you, because as the saying goes. when one door closes the other opens and maybe for the better. good luck.

Cynthia Mancha

The world doesn't have enough of these good samaritans, so to repremand an individual for, "doing the ethical thing," is absurd. You would think that the grocery store would be proud to employ someone with such a heroic mentality. Suspension for defying the store policy just seems a little more efficient, not termination. This is definitely one of those situations when you have to ask...what the...????



Marc Johnson

What would happen when he gets killed by the robber and Randals gets sued by his parents? It is our societies litigious nature that has caused this, not Randals, or any other corporations policies.


Forty years ago they would have promoted him to Asst.Mgr.


Are you serious? The guy should get a medal, not walking papers!


what if the lady who got robbed was your mother or grandmother?
you would not fire the individual for breaking a rule like that.
we need more people who would act on instinct like that.
i would have done the exact same.


I was robbed at a tom thumb last week. I wish a person had come to my aid. I think this guy is a hero. My assault was at 9 am in the morning.... there were people everywhere... nobody did a thing... it has hurt me, it has financially affected me, i have lost driv. lic. green card, ccards... it is devastating..... nobody helped me. it is all on video but still,,, no arrest and i am out a lot of money. doctor, refiling documents, ccards,/ cash.. and a lot of pain and nightmares...... i am so mad.... there could have been protection,,, nobody cares


this guy needs to be reinstated. i am thinking about talking to a lawyer.... and something has to be done.... see my previous comment... if i get a lawyer,, and they have to pay, because they had 2 assaults already and did not warn anyone.... this guy needs a reward..... lets take up a collection... this guy is worth it..... he is a dear person.....

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