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July 29, 2009



another texas bible freak. the devil made me do it . what a sicko. people here are phony. they kill and hate people 6 days a week, but praise the lord on sunday. way to go texas. i,m catholic the one true religion. quit mocking my god texas.


If any law enforcement officer should read this, I have what I'd think, would be a logical question.
There's always been mental illness, chemical imbalances, etc., but these surreal, bizarre type decapitation crimes, are happening a lot more frequently the past couple of years.
Is blood drawn quickly after arrest in order to determine if perpetrators were on dope?

Robin L. Friedel

There is no one real religion! Religion is manmade.I believe in God and Jesus.I read the bible and try to live by it.We all sin.


for the person that's hating on Texas and claiming to be a catholic, that was a pretty rude comment- yes it's really sick what this woman did to her child...But texas bible freak ? Come on now- as far back as i can remember- catholics use bibles to AND what makes you think that Catholics are the true religion ?

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