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July 09, 2009



It happens everywhere, graves being disturbed, my daughter lays at rest in the Baby portion of the Arlington Cem off St.Mary St, in the last 5yrs we've had 1 headstone busted to bits & another stolen altogether, imagine the copper in the 2nd was the enticement. But with the cost of burial being so high, I would hope some of these monies would be used for security purpose's, lock it down at night & maybe let loose a few pitbulls as an added measure. The pain this little girls family faced after this monster act was probably no different then the pain when she 1st passed away. I will keep them in my thoughts & prayers.


Yep, there's no more respect for the dead. Strictly utilitarian. Plastination for huge profits, masquearading as "education." Grave recycling and forced cremation in Europe and Africa. Burr Oak Cemetery scandal.

I really hope Americans will resist these trends.

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