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July 09, 2009



I think that people like this that prey on people that have died and their families should spend at least 5 years per grave in prison. This will bring hurt back to the families just as the day that they lost their family member.

Robert  E. Gordon

Suggested punishment for this crime. The reburial of all those bodies with a shovel in the heat of day by the guilty parties under the supervision of the familes of the deceased. It just shows the extent of disconnect some have from those around us that they do not consider their actions against a morale compass. There are too many of these examples in the world and the more I learn of them the more I want to cut myself off from the news around me.

Still Voting?

Were the bodeis still voting democratic?


This doesn't seem that much worse than the grave recycling europeans are forced to put up with and now Africans because of the sky high aids rates. Not that much more disturbing than those god awful plastination ads I can get away from. Society is just becoming utilitarian and more and more disturbing.

We are shocked because we are Americans and believe we have a right to rest in peace. (Which I agree with btw.)

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