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September 28, 2009



Enough is enough! Forget the death penalty, forget prison. Give the kids their day in court and when found guilty, cuz they are either give them to the family of the poor boy that was killed and let them be the hand of justic or better yet go back to the old days. Put them in a Pillory and let the outraged public do as it will. If they die, good! If they survive then they should be whipped and flogged in public until they do die, why show them mercy when they had no mercy for that poor boy! Stop being "politically correct" and lets get these types of situations under control. The issue is that no one is scared of prison, no one is scared of the law. The consiquences are not sever enough to frighten them. So these kids are probablly laughing about what they did. After all whats the worst that can happen, jail, probation? Yeah america thats the way to show them who's in charge!!

Angel Alvarez

This is just the stupid Gang pride that blinds them to everything. And they said Hitler was a killer? Man, this is just sad. Im not racist or anything. Every sinlge gan out there is b linded by their stupid pride and beliefs. I don't care if your white, hispanic,african american,asian, or foreign. It comes down to their stupid pride and ignorance! Thats why America is how it is. Too many people only get a slap on the wrist. I don't what race are you. Plus this had nothing to do with race, he didn't want to join the gang. And you go and kill somebody for that? Wow, if the founding fathers saw what America is today, they would slap all of us into next week! Sad, he was Honor Roll student. his parents have got to be proud of him no matter what. Just sad that things like this happen to Great people!


I agree 100%, they showed no mercy we don't need scum like that breathing our air and wasting our money on them,I don't care if they are black or white or pink, they die.

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