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September 30, 2009



It is absolutely a given that this young woaman KILLED her child. Tho I am disgraced with the parents, that is what parents do. Does NOT make it right - BUT - this girl should be given a DEATH sentence, just as she delivered to her child!!!
Sorry DREADFUL, HORRIFIC parents - as ye sow so shall you reap!!!!!!
YOU, parents, ALLOWED this to happen!!!!!


I think Casey killed her child, whether it was accidently or on purpose. But a stain in the trunk looking like a child? That's plain silly. Its no different than an ink blot test or looking at clouds. You can see whatever you want to see if you stare at it long enough. They're grabbing at straws and shifting from FACTS to innuendos. Are these investigators morons or do they simply not have a solid case against Casey?

Dot Akins

I have followed this story from the beginning.I remember one of Casey's girlfriends texting or emailing her about using all of her duct tape. Casey texted her back that she was sorry she used it all. I don't remember the girl's name but I do remember it happened. could that be why the tape didn' match?

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