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October 29, 2009



Such a very sad story..This story really bothers me..I ache for Taylor Mitchell' family and friends. Prayer is on the way.
Is there a lesson to be learned? YES, Ladies,women,girls please acquire and learn to use personal protection like pepper spray...or something as simple as a can of hornet/wasp spray in a can. (car or home defense)
Guys, give your sister,mom,girlfriend pepper-spray for Christmas and help her learn to use it. Why, because our world really is a jungle. Wherever you are, wherever you go, you are in danger. You have on your person the purse...please prepare.. have protection help yourself and others. Thank you.
Be safe, stay safe... Bo in Texas...


When nature stikes back! It's going to happen more & more in the future, and it's going to happen from critters you'd least expect it from.

Patty P

Someone I know on a message board for another singer had just hosted this young woman, Taylor Mitchell, in her home in Canada last weekend for a "house concert." She and her husband instantly fell in love with Taylor and said she was a wonderful young lady. Look up Taylor's music and listen to her beautiful voice. She was very talented.

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