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October 27, 2009


joe doe

what about deaf drivers to use sign lagnauge communicate to police? I got ticket from Highland Park police a year ago and cost me damn $225.00.


And the problem is

jeanne conger

does the drivers license dept give test in spanish? if only english, how do you pass the test and how do you read signs in americia ?just wanted to know, curious


Most people in America can spell it properly, you might want to worry about your spelling and not how others read the signs.


I am married to a legal immigrant and he is studying English. When he learns how to read the signs and can take the test in English he will be driving. They give the test in Spanish but not all immigrants know Spanish...some are Asian, some are Europeon, some are African...etc. Maybe we need every document translated into every language so as not to discriminate????? I have a better idea...just learn English!


Joe Doe,

ASL or ESL is English even though it is not the spoken words.

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