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October 22, 2009



What is this woman doing looking in this guy's doors and windows? A person has a reasonable right of privacy in his own home. He can walk past a window in the nude as long as he is not standing in front of the window "flaunting" himself. If this woman doesn't like it, she shouldn't be looking. Sounds like she's the perv to me!!


Are we serious? The man walked by a doorway and a window. What is that-- two seconds total? The woman would see much more channel-surfing through late-nite network TV. Are we to assume the child was somehow "scarred" by this incident? He probably wouldn't have even noticed without the mother pointing it out to him.

People are always looking for any opportunity to be offended. Lady, just get over it-- and find a different street to walk down.

A. Reader

At first I thought how stupid to charge this man but then I went and read the main article which states that the police would NOT file charges based on an inadvertent need to edit your article....


Follow the link and read the article. If the man actually followed the couple around from the door to a large living room window--well, that's a long way away from the coffee maker. The police are doing the right thing by checking to see if this was inadvertant or an ongoing thing that other neighbors have observed.


Thats crazy why she looking in his windows She is in the wrong for being a peeping tom First she sees in in the window then she liked what she seen abd looked back and seen him by the door she is the pervert!!!

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