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November 12, 2009



No matter what the situation is, if you take someone's life you deserve the same to you. That is why we have laws, and whom ever did it, shame on you. And to her mom, every day we learn something new. Perhaps now it's too late but you should have moved on until maybe you have found safer place. Sometimes life is short and paying more attention to your kids pays.


I have lived on the Southside/Wedgewood/ Edgecliff Village area of Fort Worth for 25 years and now fear for myself and my children to be out at night. When will the police be given the power to protect those in this area who OBEY the laws? It has reached the point that there are so many crimes committed here that they are no longer reported by the paper. Will we ever be safe again?


Interesting choice of words Mary...
"be given" the power to protect. Very interesting that you'd term it as you did.


(((but you should have moved on until maybe you have found safer place. Sometimes life is short and paying more attention to your kids pays)))... Are you kidding? who are you to judge this mother. This was her child-her baby and HER loss. As well as her life. I am sure this mother knew what was best and did all she knew to do. I don't think any of us actually believe that a 14 or 15 yr old is capable of shooting our child in the head. Whatever the case-how dare anyone put any blame on this mother? And to the mother if you are reading this-I am praying for you. God be with you each and every day.

Latisha aka lilone

rest in peace to ma good friend zuly "chola" gone but never gotten ma its almost a year and fina ber her birthday, i thnk abuot her all the time i got 2 shirts made with her piks hangin in my room that i see everyday, i miss you and think of you all the time never will i forget you and i still give all ma love and respect to her family and her son giovanni anqel and her adopted son! may you rest in paradise ma

marbella gonzalez

R.I.P zuly she wats a good gurl down and would alweys be there for some one miss you gurl..

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