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November 19, 2009



How big was this ten year old?? I have raised four children and helped raise four grandchildren and none of these were that bad that I would have tasered them. What is wrong with our society that we resort to this in our schools. In fact, when I was in school, there was never a policeman in our schools.


Robert - Times change. Attitudes change. Alot of youth just don't care anymore. All they keep seeing and hearing about the world is how bad it is, so what have they got to look forward to? Of course, unruly behavior can be attributed to alot of things, medical, homelife, etc. I've found a few who just don't care what they do, what happens to them when they do it, and so on. Pathetic isn't it. Consider yourself blessed.


So he got a paid! I suppose whey were rewarding him for blasting her and sending a message to other officers..."now dammit boys, when you ZAP somebody we all want to see it!"

Beverly McCants

For his own protection as well as anyone else involved, cameras are provided. He should have had his camera on. The mother gave him permission to taser HER daughter, which means that the mother felt and observed that the girl was out-of-control! If the mother felt the daugher was uncontrollable, what was the officer supposed to do? My hope is that the mother did not agree to tasering just to make a point to her daugher. I blame the mother. What was she doing to get her child under control? Why is a 10 year old so out-of-control anyway? Finally, whether a child is tasered or not should depend on the size and behavior of the child at the time of the occurrance and the officer's discretion at the time of the occurrance.

Joe  flores

How would that cop feel like if his or her's Ten year old child was tazed kids will kids cops should be cops if he cant handle a Ten year old kid maybe they should become a dog catcher. To see if he can handle and treat a dog better than a Ten year old Girl Protect and Serve!!! Yea Right.

Marc Dominguez

Those of you that are actually arguing on behalf of the officer, and finding reason in why he may have done it, are part of the societal problems we have today. You are a bunch of morons raised by morons. The officer should have used common sense and not applied a taser to a minor. It doen't matter how large or unruly she was. He is an adult officer of the law. He should have notified child protective services and maybe the kid and parent would have been sent to counseling.

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