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December 07, 2009


Billy Ray

First offense rape and child molestation should result in surgical removal of the testicles.

This 1) protects all the other children and potential victims by removing the sexual urge as soon as the body absorbs the remaining residual testosterone and 2) is an un-cruel way of punishing the perpetrator by denying him any further sexual satifaction.

This is not just an idea. Live on a ranch or farm and you'll understand... it works.


While that might seem to fix the problem all will not. What will keep "frustrated" molesters from using weapons as a way to sodomize. The root of the problem is in the brain. I say a lobotomy is the way to go.

Billy Ray

Second offense... a quick trot out to the gallows and a good old neck stretching - in PUBLIC so future perps will have a strong mental image of the consequences.

Castration removes the sexual urge. If you lobotomize them, we have to pay for their upkeep. Just execute... Except for Dallas County since they can't seem to prosecute anybody but the innocent. Lobotomize the Dallas Country proscecutors... if you can find a brain to cut on.

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