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January 29, 2010



What a selfish country we are living in. This is so sad that someone puts their wants/needs before their families...


I hope she loses her kids


just because one person does this does not make our country selfish


I hope she can't HAVE anymore children!


what does one individual have to do with the country? This individual is sick and needs to be separated from the children for their sakes. And apparently the country does not condone it.


You must have a license to have a dog. And people are often more outraged at the treatment of animals over people. No wonder this happens so often! If we would give people the same penalty for mistreatment of children as we do dogs maybe some would have second thoughts. Last week I saw on the national news where a fireman using a helicopter risked his life in a storm and flood to save the life of a dog; I believe that our most vulnerable deserves better?

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