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February 02, 2010



This girl was let out to go to school and it went undetected for a year? How does that happen? Do we have the whole story?


I don't understand how this can happen. This Poor child went to school and no one saw any signs?? She did her homework with the light that came through under the door. I don't know how anyone can do this to a child. I pray for that little girl and hope she gets strength and overcomes this. She deserves so much better. May she get a loving family. They need to lock them away for good.

Personal Injury

How can it be that nobody noticed for an entire year? surely the child had friends at school, did they not socialise? At 12 years old she would have been old enough to understand what was going on and explain her circumstances to a friend or a teacher. How this went about for an entire year is not just a question of the sanity of the parents but the intelligence of those around the girl.

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