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February 23, 2010


Craig McNeil

Stack was angry at the United States -- remember We the People changed the Constitution to permit the income tax and we the people elect the President and Congress to spend that money.

Stack did not take his anger to the American-Statesman, or a blog, or even a campaign for Congress. He flew a bomb into a building filled with people with no more control over tax policy than an Army sergeant in the Middle East has control over National Security Policy.

This was a criminal act of violence at best, an act of terrorism at worse. We have too many outlets for dissent and discussion in this country to laud this murdering terrorist as some sort of hero. He was a coward and a vicious animal who murdered a patriot and a war veteran while attempting to do violence to many others.

He is no more a hero than Osama bin Laden.


Any man who willfully abandons his family and destroys their home in the process is nothing but a sniveling coward who could not face the normal responsibility of life. He did nothing but try to manufacture an excuse for his own failure by adopting hatred for someone else. The lowest paid busboy who drags himself to work every day at the crumiest burger joint in town is more of a hero than this piece of gutless trash.


Stack was a murderer, plain and simple. A coward, paranoid, and lacking an ethical standard or moral compass in any form. His businesses failed, his marriage failed and he was too much of a whiner to take responsibility for his own actions. He tried to scam the government and got caught. His family trying to justify the man's act is represensible.


Stack was not a hero. He was a COWARD, a gutless coward.

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